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Hunted: Honda Civic

Last fall a friend of mine, Lilly, had a 1992 Honda Civic that was slowly falling apart. She had the typical concerns of safety and reliability, and not knowing what to do when it came to cars. So ignoring things … Continue reading

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Sixth Gen Honda Accord (1998-2002) Shift Lever Light

This is totally unscientific, kind of funny and I am almost embarrassed to call this “advice”, but I’ve seen it enough times to know it works. I’ve never bothered to investigate further but have done it myself on several cars … Continue reading

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Headlight Bulb Change, Not So Fast

Well, if we thought all bulbs were easy to change quickly from the last time I did so, we’d be mistaken. Flashback to a previous model Toyota Corolla / Chevy Prizm (in this case a neighbor’s car) and we find … Continue reading

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