Mechanic Horror Story: The Oil Change That Never Was

Here is yet another adventure in Corolla land. This one involves the second oil change that was done on the car. I still couldn’t remove the oil filter because it was on so tight. I needed a lift due to the awkward position, so I took it to a local garage where I once had a clutch replaced on another car.

I provided the Fram oil filter and four quarts of Mobil 1 I was going to use, and told them to only mount the oil filter “hand tight”. Ok done, no problem.

Months later I’m changing the oil again. The filter is still stuck so I look at it. It’s the original Toyota filter, which is blue. Fram filters are orange.

I checked my log and called the shop on it: “Pardon me, but did I pay you to not service the car?”

“No, that’s not possible.”

“Well you tell me why the original filter is on there when I brought the supplies and have the receipt that shows you only charged me for labor?”

[Long pause]

“Ok, bring it in and we’ll take care of it.”

After I verified it was done you can be sure I never went back to that shop. Call me paranoid but you can see why it is important to keep records.

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