Vinyl Car Seat Repair

My Toyota Pickup had a tear in the side of the seat since before I bought it. The previous owner just put a seat cover over the whole thing. I hate seat covers.
Then after a while a split in the seam in the seat bottom began appear. The stitching had started to separate. What started as a half inch gap gradually grew to become a sizeable problem.
So rather than put a seat cover on it (e.g. sweeping it under the rug) I took it to Sure-Fit in Arlington, Virginia for an estimate.
What I found was that if it was a tear in the material itself, I could repair it myself with a patch kit (not that I want to). But since it was a tear in the stitching, the seat would have to be removed, the material removed and re-stitched.
The estimate was $300 to $350. But in the end it ran $275 which, considering the value of the truck, is pricy but in and of itself is a good value to me. I wouldn’t have done it unless I was confident I was keeping the truck for the long haul. But you can see from the pics what a great job they did (and fast too).

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