Would You Consider This Hassle-free?

I had to share this article I read in Inc Magazine. It could be retitled “How to Make Simple Things Really Complicated and Expensive”. Are you listening auto manufacturers?

Old Way: Photograph in a picture frame. You look at it. Costs maybe $5 to $20 to buy the frame.

New Way: Digital picture frame which holds a lot of pics, has a cell phone connection and can send and receive pictures.

It also costs about $280 and $6 per month for cellular service, and will most definitely not be hassle-free. You’ll have to learn how to use it, email pictures to yourself, keep it plugged-in or charged and pay the bill every month.

It’s utterly excessive. You could buy a bunch of regular picture frames instead of layering more cost and complexity on top of a problem that really doesn’t exist.

Which gets me back to cars. Millions of people go through the car equivalent of this every year. They buy something they don’t need that’s expensive and they subject themselves to a lot more headaches, which doesn’t do any good for anyone, when all they needed was decent transportation. A lot of people fall for the trap of keeping up with the Joneses (who are probably miserable themselves). This is a classic example of Life-For-Rent.

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