How to Change A Headlight Bulb In 5 Minutes or Less

The headlight bulb on the passenger side was out on my Mom’s Corolla. So I roll into the local Autozone and ask what bulb is needed. In seconds I find it’s a 9006-series bulb. The cost is $11.

It’s been ages since I’ve changed a car bulb – they’re pretty durable. After I verify which side needs to be changed (passenger) I pop the hood and check the assembly.

A flathead screw driver is all that’s needed to disconnect the wire.

Once that’s done I twist the bulb a little (about 30 degrees) and it slides right out. I reverse the steps with the new bulb while being careful not to touch the glass. The natural oil from human skin can affect its performance.

The connector pops right back in and I turn the headlights on to check that all is well. Total time was less than five minutes, including taking the pics.

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