Parking Pylon Problem

My Mom called me a few days ago to tell me about a little problem. It seems a new parking pylon was installed in the garage at her office, a pylon which is kind of low which she didn’t see when she pulled into her space. Oops! Bodywork is something I haven’t had to deal with much so this is a chance to learn what (and what not) to do.
So I stopped over to look at her car and assess the damage. Both doors on the passenger side are looking rough. They open and close fine, so there probably aren’t any structural issues. But the dents will need to be worked out and the surfaces repainted.
What now? I’m going to take the car to get some repair estimates and then report back. Depending on the amount, it may or may not justify reporting it to the insurance company. Though if that happens they will in all likelihood raise the premiums. Stay tuned.
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