How to Sell Your Car (Part 1)

If you want to sell your vehicle, you need to present it well and back that up with solid evidence that it’s a good vehicle.  Here are a few things I would suggest:

1.  Clean and Wash Inside Out

It doesn’t have to be detailed but it definitely needs to be clean. Vacuum and dust (clean the inside of the windshield and windows), dash, seats, ashtray/cointrays/cupholders, carpet, floor mats and trunk.  Clear out anything and everything that’s not part of the car, especially in places like the glovebox.

Then drive it through a car wash.  Take pictures of the exterior and interior for advertising the car.  I would use a photo editing program to blank out the license plate numbers.

2.  Get Your Records Together

This is good to have all the time, not just for when you sell it. Make sure you know how long the registration and inspection is good for, and collect all the receipts you have for service that’s been done on the car.  Put it in chronological order in a folder or large envelope. Get caught up on maintenance if it’s behind. those are the items you should be on top of as a matter of course.

3.  Check the Vehicle History

Run a CarFax report on it to make sure it’s accurate.  Even if you’re the original owner, the reports aren’t always correct.  For example, if the report says the car has had a major accident and it hasn’t, it’s better to know this ahead of time than to be caught off guard later. Plus this will enhance your credibility with prospective buyers.

You’ll need the 17 digit VIN # to do this (on vehicle registration form and bottom of windshield, driver’s side) to check this.
VIN location
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